Friday, November 9, 2007

Random Thought #9

The other night when I was sitting on the couch in Viana's dark bedroom waiting for her to fall asleep in her bed (she'll have it no other way, well, unless you're just holding her, which is the obvious preference in her mind, but not so much in ours as we try to teach her independce) I heard the sweetest thing. From her bed came this angelic voice, "Holdcher han?" I ignored her, thinking she wanted to fold her hands together or something. Then again, "Holdcher han?" I stayed quite hoping she would forget whatever addendum she had in her mind and just fall asleep. Then one more time, "Holdcher han, Momma?" It was so cute, I peeked over the couch and she was laying on her back with her arm outstretched toward the couch just waiting for me to hold her hand. With a melted heart I held her hand, and within seconds, she let go, rolled over and was fast asleep. Heavenly Father can't always carry us through life, like Viana would normally have us hold her to sleep, but if we're willing to try things on our own, he will always hold our hand, we just need to ask.


Royfam said...

That is sweet beyond sweet. One, because you recognized a spiritual experience. And two, cause that's the way I taught her to take naps when she stayed with us while you were in Paris. Such nice memories!

Eric, Halcyon, Viana and Brooke said...

Veezy is too cute! I don't know if you know this, but I just end up falling asleep on the couch and then she usually will fall asleep somewhere. Ha, ha!

Vicky said...

What a nice experience with your daughter! Isn't it so wonderful that she loves and trusts you so much?