Friday, November 2, 2007

Random Thought #5

I've been thinking about the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. I've discovered that his character represents a moral very similar to this Aesop's fable. As the white rabbit hurries through Wonderland, he keeps happening onto situations that involve other characters. In every instance he succumbs to that characters pressures. He may not want to burn his house down, but under the do-dos recommendation, he helps him build up the kindling pile. At the tea party, he doesn't want the mad-hatter to fix his watch, but soon enough is passing the jelly that will be slathered into his watch. What does all of this unwanted conforming do to the white rabbit? It makes him late. If we, in life, conform to all the pressures around us, even when we know we shouldn't, or do not want to, I believe that it will only make us late. Late fo what? Perhaps this scripture (vs. 1-13) will answer that question.

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