Friday, November 30, 2007

Random Thought #13

I think Viana is adorable, and the way that her brain operates amazes me. I just asked her who she wanted to invite to her birthday party next Friday. This is the list (in order) that she recited to me...

1.Lucy 2.Lori 3.Wes 4.Blaine 5.Benjamin 6.Vicky 7.Paul 8.Viana
9.Daddy 10.Baby Brooke 11.Momma 12.Belly Button 13.Face
14.Nose 15.Krista 16.Avery 17.Russ 18.Christmas 19.Jamie
20.LaDon 21.Baby Jesus 22.Couch 23.Nemo 24.Meemaw
25.Summer 26.Grandbill 27.Joseph 28.Taylor 29.Anne

Don't be offended if your name isn't on the list. I have ultimate invite power. But if anyone knows how to get in contact with Nemo so we can invite him, or if you know how to properly invite a couch or a belly button to a party, please let me know!

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