Monday, November 19, 2007

Random Thought #12

Here's what I'm thinking. In my 4 years as a college student, I went home for thanksgiving twice on the Saturday before that magical feasting day. That means I missed out on two days of classes. That means 50% of the time I ditched that Monday and Tuesday prior to Thanksgiving. And, I can guarantee I was not in a small minority of students who did that. And, since BYU has Friday instruction on Tuesday, and probably 78% of students have less or no class on Friday, then there is really only 1 day of real class this week. But, what teacher likes to put in a lot of effort into a lesson, knowing that a good chunk of students will be gone anyway?? And, if there was no class this week, that would give students 9 days of travel, which means a lot more students could and would go home. And aren't we all about promoting healthy families? So, I propose that from now on, university holiday is ALL WEEK!!


Charina! said...

I second that proposal! Amen, sister.

Royfam said...