Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Random Spot #13

This business on Freedom in Provo cracks me up! Buffo's Termite and Pest Control. Two things to note here. First of all, don't you love the graphic design? What a great little pest control guy and what an even greater dead bug! Hilarious! Secondly, I love that Buffo recognized the true potential of his name. With a name like Buffo you've gotta start a pest control business. Can you imagin Buffo and DeVry, attorneys at law? Or how 'bout a dentist appointment with Dr. Buffo? Me either. But Buffo's Terminte and Pest Control, now that is both comfortable and fitting. Go ahead, say it outloud, it will roll of your tongue with ease. Go ahead, try it.

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Carterfam said...

Oh, that's funny babe!