Monday, November 12, 2007

Random Thought #11

I never believe the age recommendations on toys. Sure it may say 3+, but my daughter is special and brilliant. She'll have a ball with this toy. But you know what? Any toy I've ever gotten her that was "too advanced for her" was most enjoyed by her once she became the recommended age. And the toys we have that are still above her age level she can't handle yet. For example, we have this sweet little pop-up tent house that is for 3+. But really now, Viana could figure out how to sit inside a little house, right? But sure enough, she gets really frustrated with it, and always freaks out, and we have to put it away within minutes of getting it out. Gospel Principle? Of course. I am thinking most heavily about dating, but it can apply to many stages and advancements in our life. When the prophets counsel to not date until 16, and not steady date until post-mission/ready for marriage, they KNOW what they are talking about. No matter how special or brilliant one may think he or she is, the age recommendation is still accurate and applies.


Vicky said...

CJ, that was an amazing analogy! And so true! When I was young-er I didn't get that so much, but now that I'm old-er and wiser, I've seen the truth in it and in so many other counsels given by the prophets. Thanks for sharing!

Carterfam said...


Kaylene said...

Very observant! You're such a smart mom. S-M-R-T.