Thursday, January 31, 2008

Random Thought #18

I have a love/hate relationship with surprises. I love to get surprises. I love to be surprised. I love to give surprises. I love the thrill of surprises. I love the suspense of surprises. I love the effect of surprises. I mostly just plain ol' love surprises. But, I hate having to keep surprises. I hate being trusted with surprises. I hate the fear of spoiling surprises. I hate the wait until the surprise. But still, I mostly just plain ol' love surprises. So this may or may not be an attempt to acknowledge that I am harboring a surprise that I simply can't spoil (and no, it's not a pregnant surprise), and hopefully my love for surprises will conquer any hate there may be. :)


Royfam said...

I think I guessed your surprise! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE. It's a good one!

Carterfam said...

I love surprises!!!! But, I hate knowing about potential surprises because then it eats at your brain at what it could be and if there really is one and if it really has even anything to do with you and so on and so forth. But I like surprises!

Charina! said...

I like surprise lunches on Tuesday and Friday. But I am having a hard time guessing what your surprise is! Lemme know what it is when it comes to pass... that will be exciting. :)