Sunday, January 20, 2008

Random Thought #17

Regrettably we got into some bad sleeping habits this weekend with Viana. It took one night of staying up too late to watch a movie to destroy our happy routine. One night. Now, as we try and dig ourselves out of that hole it is taking many, many nights and a lot of work. I've noticed this same pattern with many of Viana's developments. One moment to form a bad habit, many, many moments to form a good one. The same will apply to any of our lives as well. It's so easy to fall out of the good, and so hard to get back in.
It occurred to me tonight that this represents the two plans we had to choose from in the council in Heaven. Our Savior's plan would give us agency, and with that consequences. If we were diligent and obedient, and once again worked hard and labored with all our might, then we could continue on the path of righteousness. In addition, Christ would atone for our sins, so when we were willing to work hard, put in some good labor and sweat, we could return to the good should we make mistakes. With Satan's plan, where no one would be lost and all glory would be his, it would seem as though no one would have to work, or worry, or try hard, or be diligent, or endure. Simple.
With the gospel in our life today we have to work hard, for many, many days to progress towards eternal life. Yet I find that sinning is easy and very convenient, just as Satan would have it be.
Is the hard work worth it? Of course. And what if we do succumb to that one moment? May I testify that I am thankful for our Savior who loves each and everyone of us and who has provided as way for us to repent, change, and keep forming good habits...even if they're as simple as healthy sleeping patterns.

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