Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Random Thought #16

Viana is 2, and that means many, many things. But the one thing we're focused on right now is potty training. Back in November she got on this kick where she thought she needed to be potty trained. I just was not ready to invest the time and energy into yet. So every time she tried to take her diaper off and go in the big girl potty, I'd just say that I wasn't ready for that yet and tell her to wait until January. Well, we got really excited about our January prospects, and got so pumped for no more diapers when Grandma's house was all done (i.e. when we came home from Christmas break, we would make the transition). Viana was excited, I was excited. But of course, then the croup hit Viana the day before we came back, and you can not train a sick child. So then we changed our tune to, "when you're all done being sick, then no more diapers!" This postponement only made me and Viana more excited and ready. Well, today Viana is all done being sick, and here we go. It's been 3 hours and we already have two wet pair of panties. My excitement and energy are dwindling...but hey, we've all been potty trained at some point, so it's gotta work eventually!

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Royfam said...

I like how the potty training blog comes right after the accident clean up blog! hahahahaha