Friday, December 14, 2007

Random Thought #15

I don't know what to think anymore! Eric told me the other day that our apartment is no more up at DT. I've been having emotional detachment problems as it is, so I decided that I don't even want to see it, and I'll just remember it the way it always was. But now I'm having nightmares every night about DT! There these emotional dreams all about my apartment and how I can't leave it, and I love it just the way it is. Should I just go see the destruction? Will that get me over my dreams? If we were still there would I be in utter bliss? Or would I just complain about the cramped space, lack of kitchen and toy room, and major earthquake hazard that it is? Who gets so attached to a building anyway?


Carterfam said...

Gotta go see it! If you see it, the dreams will end...OR, you can just watch so much High School Musical 2 that all of your thoughts, including dreams, are filled with lovely singing and dancing!!!!!!!!!!!

Kaylene said...

I think you should go see it. I hated our Provo house when we left it, with a passion - but I have since seen it all empty and not ours, and am now able to just remember only the good things about our first place together. Because seeing it not yours helps you put it behind you and choose what to remember. Now I guess in your case remembering it all might make you miss it more since it was so good, but I think it'd give you closure anyway and no more dreams. Your mind won't try to not leave it anymore if it knows its not there. And if you don't see it, you'll wonder always. Go see it!