Saturday, December 8, 2007

Random Thought #14

What about egg nog? I think it's a fine holiday beverage--but in moderation. In fact, I've been taking a miniature poll lately, and everyone I've talked to seems to either despise egg nog, or can only have bits of it. So what is it about egg nog that screams Christmas? Is it just one of those fruit cake kind of traditions that no one can let go of? I think perhaps that it's best drunk in moderation as well as sold in the stores throughout the year in moderation. Either way, it stills brings me happy holiday cheer.


Carterfam said...

I am definitely a moderation guy when it comes to eggnog. Even to the point that I always forget that I like it, until I try it again. But by then, I'm ready to stop, because that need of moderation with eggnog kicks in...Maybe it's the alcohol(?)

Vicky said...

I think eggnog is good, but I can only drink it when diluted with milk. I usually do half & half. It's just so darn thick and rich!

Taylor said...

I love this site! It's making me look at the world differently. So many funny things.
Eggnog--it definitely needs to be diluted with milk--at lest 50/50 maybe even 60/40. I also think heating it up is good. My family has a friend that makes some really good home-made eggnog. And eric's probably right that the rum would help--I guess we'll never know.

Royfam said...

I like eggnog until I start to think about what's in it...then I'm not too sure. But I guess that's true of a lot of what we eat and drink.